Call for a no-obligation estimate or to get emergency service immediately 404.376.2023
    Call for a no-obligation estimate or to get emergency service immediately 404.376.2023

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      You have a host of choices when it comes to roofing – companies of many sizes, specialties, and descriptions. If you’ve just experienced a strong storm, you might even find out-of-town roofing companies knocking on your door. Why choose Marietta Roofing Company?

      BIG ENOUGH … AND SMALL ENOUGH … to do it right.
      You want someone BIG ENOUGH. Big enough:
      • to have skilled professional roofers with decades of experience.
      • to offer a wide selection of the best products, giving you choice and the optimum product for your roof.
      • to complete the job quickly, thoroughly, and professionally.
      You also want someone SMALL ENOUGH. Small enough:
      • to take pride in creating the perfect roof for your house.
      • to be members of the community, not “here today-gone tomorrow” transients.
      • to give you direct access to the owner/general manager.

      We’ll listen to your concerns and schedule a FREE roof assessment. We’ll ask some of these questions:
      • How old is your roof?
      • Have you experienced leaks?
      • Have you experienced storm damage,
      • Why are you calling us today?

      • Prompt, courteous, personalized attention from both the project manager and the roofing experts
      • Easy, flexible appointment scheduling
      • Advice to find the most cost-effective, high-quality solution for your roof
      • Expert roofing professionals using your choice of proven products

      While Marietta Roofing Company is located in Marietta, Georgia, we serve customers throughout the northern suburbs of Atlanta. We can solve your roofing problem if you’re in:
      • Cobb County
      • North Fulton County
      • Cherokee County
      • Cities: Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth, Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, and Woodstock.

      If you don’t see your city listed, call us to talk about your roofing needs at 404.376.2023.


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      Marietta Roofing Company guarantees our top-quality roofs at a reasonable price. We pride ourselves on communicating with the home owner every step of the way to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. We always stay on our timeline and budget without compromising quality.

      Attractive, durable roofs and satisfied customers are our greatest sources of joy.


      Marietta Roofing Company can inspect and evaluate your commercial roof and provide you with an assessment along with recommendations for repairing or replacing. We understand that commercial roofing needs are very different than residential, and we go to great lengths to make sure our customers have the best roof available.

      Having a roof leak can be very frustrating, so we will do our best to quickly identify the problem and offer economical solutions. We put a lot of thought into the best options taking into consideration the age, condition of your roof and your future needs to ensure you get the right repair for your needs.
      Marietta Roofing Company will help you select the right gutters for your home that are highly functional while adding style and appeal to your home. We specialize in seamless gutters and leaf free gutter covers in a variety of colors and materials to fit your needs.
      “How much will my roof cost?” That’s one of the biggest questions for most people facing roof repair or replacement.
      Free, no-obligation estimate before we begin any work on your roof.

      With our reasonable prices, skilled craftsmen, and outstanding reputation, we’re sure you’ll want to hire Marietta Roofing Company after receiving our estimate.
      To request a free estimate, click here or call 404.376.2023.


        Are you a skilled, experienced roofing professional looking for work? Marietta Roofing Company is always open to new talent. Call General Manager Brian Simpson at 404.376.2023 or contact us here.
        We have a Marietta Business License, General Liability as well as Workmans Comp. An original copy of our Certificate of Insurance (COI) can be supplied upon request.
      • WARRANTY
        Marietta Roofing Company completes each repair and installation with great pride, using only all-new, highly rated materials and state of the art installation methods. Some of the top-selling products we install are GAF, CertainTeed, Owens-Corning, and TAMKO. Each repair, roof installation, and gutter installation comes with a warranty covering materials and installation.

        Repairing or replacing a roof after storm damage is something no one wants to deal with. Finding a licensed roofer you can trust, filing insurance claims, and making related decisions can be stressful for any homeowner. Some repairs and replacements are covered by homeowners’ insurance, but the process is not always easy.

        To help you get the most for your money and have a good experience, Marietta Roofing Company answers the most common roofing and insurance-related questions below. We strongly suggest that you read each section thoroughly before you make any roofing decisions that could lead to regret.


      After your roof has been damaged by a storm, your first action should be to call your preferred roofing company. We suggest that you call someone relatively local. For example, Marietta Roofing Company serves East Cobb, North Fulton, Forsyth, Cherokee, and Gwinnett counties in metro Atlanta, Georgia. Call us BEFORE you call your insurance company! We will guide you through the process to make sure your investment is protected, and you get fair treatment. Having a trained, experienced roofing contractor on your side, will insure nothing is overlooked. SECOND, contact your insurance provider to file a claim. Once an adjuster meeting is scheduled, please contact us so we may attend to represent you. We are there to be your ally in this process and to make sure nothing goes unnoticed.
      This is a common question, and the surprising answer is no. Unlike auto insurance, homeowners’ insurance rates are based on your area’s annual risk assessment, not your personal filing record. Rates go up when an area experiences more storms, not when an individual files a claim. If your rates go up, it’s because your area has had more storms, not because you filed.

      Hail damage can take several forms and can look different depending on the type of roof you have. Since most residential roofs have asphalt shingles, we’ll focus on that. These are the major marks that indicate hail damage:

      Missing granules – this will look like a dark circle or scuff, as the missing granules have exposed the darker substrate layer.

      Bruising – a close examination of an area with missing granules can reveal bruising, with a spongy or soft feel to the shingle.

      Mat breakage – asphalt shingles are built on a fiberglass matting surface. When the mat breaks, water can penetrate the shingle.

      Pattern of damage – a roof that has been damaged by hail will generally display the above characteristics in a random pattern across the roof’s surface.

      Additional damage beyond the roof – If other areas of the house, including siding, windows, gutters, and fascia, have been dented, the likelihood of a paid claim for hail damage is high.

      It’s not easy to identify hail damage from the ground but if you suspect you have hail damage, your first call should be to your roofing company. It’s generally not wise for a homeowner to get up on a roof to inspect the damage personally. At Marietta Roofing Company, this damage and repair estimate is free.

      Your roof can be seriously damaged by the wind even if you can’t see obvious problems. It can come from hailstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes or tropical storms, blizzards, and other high-wind events. The more obvious signs of wind damage include missing or damaged shingles and tree limbs or branches on the roof. A wind-damaged roof can result in leaks, which can lead to mold, wet insulation, and damage to the interior of your home. If you suspect that your roof might have been damaged by wind, call Marietta Roofing Company for a free inspection at 404.376.2023.
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      Serving customers in Marietta, Acworth, Kennesaw, Roswell, Alpharetta, Woodstock, Smyrna, Norcross, Georgia and the surrounding communities.
      General Manager: Brian Simpson
      Phone: 404.376.2023
      Big enough… and small enough… to do it right.
      Marietta Roofing Company
      1606 Arden Dr., Marietta, GA 30008


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